Grounded’s arachnophobia options turn creepy spiders into cute blobs

Obsidian’s Honey I Shrunk The Kids-style survival game Grounded is out now – and players uneasy at the sight of its enormous spider enemies have been quick to experiment with its arachnophobia mode.

This option, found within the game’s settings, can be toggled on at any time and increased over five levels until you find a spider setting you feel comfortable with.

The aim is not to make the game easier – spider enemies will always be present, and tough to defeat. Instead, the option modifies their visual appearance to remove their spindly, hairy little legs and then blobify their bodies until they are no longer spider-like in appearance.

Bertie’s playing Grounded right now, and bravely took these images of what happens as you slowly increase Grounded’s anti-spider filter:

Grounded isn’t the first game to offer an arachnophobia setting. Last year, Goat Simulator studio Coffee Stain added one to Satisfactory which hid spiders behind images of cats.

For even more Grounded play, here’s Eurogamer’s video team getting scared by spideys over a couple hours of multiplayer gameplay: